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SAR Line Officer Training
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Mission Statement

The Louisiana State Analytical & Fusion Exchange (LA-SAFE) promotes collaboration in an all-crimes/all-hazards environment, supporting federal, state, local and private sectors by working together to provide timely information for use in promoting public safety and national security against terrorist and other criminal threats. LA-SAFE will support the state during major disasters and emergencies by gathering, analyzing and disseminating information to assist relevant agencies.

LA-SAFE will actively work to collect and analyze information, providing responsible parties with pertinent background for decision making processes, which permit resource maximization in the protection of citizens of the state of Louisiana.

LA-SAFE evaluates all information provided ensuring that the information that is retained and utilized is directly related to legitimate law enforcement purposes and has been legally obtained. It shall not interfere with the exercise of constitutionally guaranteed rights and privileges of individuals.

To Report Suspicious
activity, click HERE
For Urgent Threats/Incidents
Involving Suspected
Acts of Terrorism
Dial 911 or 1-800-434-8007